1943: 30 hp Deutz lyin1 motor Type MIH, 1929 number 240668. (Second-hand from Dalby Mill.) Renovated 2013.

1960½: Bukh 28 hp motor, Type 2B 135 numbers 4270 1939 (renovated from a fishing cutter in Hals) daily use.

Originally motors were not to be inside the mill, so they were installed in the open. The motor house was then building up around the motor and free from the millhouse. Later it was allowed to build the motor house and the mill together.

The Deuz motor and the watercooling pump (Left side)

The Deutz motor is now completely renovated, and its delightful sound can again be heard at special occasions. When Schurmann bought the motor, it was already worn down and a bit leaky, so it was pretty difficult to work with. It had to be started with about 20 atm. compressed air, but as they did not own a compressor, the pressure-bottle had to be pumped up by the motor before it was stopped. Sometimes it failed, so two men had to start the motor with a starting handle. That required strength.

After the Deutz motor had been renovated there was still a compressor problem. It was not safe to pump up the pressure-bottles by help of the motor. So a used 30 atm. Compressors was bought. It now guarantees 20 atm. pressures in the bottles.

Old wall sheets and the original specifications (in 6 languages) of all the motor spare parts are now present in the motor room.

At the first renovation in the middle nineties Marie Schurmann one day delivered some ”iron rings” which appeared to be new piston rings for the Deutz motor. Wonderful.

The worn down Deutz was difficult to work with, so Ove Schurmann bought a handier Bukh motor in 1960. It works excellently and is used in the daily operations

The motor room has been redecorated and a new floor has been laid. The Deutz motor has been painted in the original color. The Diesel tank has been painted and brass signs and pipes polished. An extraction set has been installed in the motor room, so the smell from the motor does not come into the mill.

The Bukh motor before renovation in 2015

Safety: Guests are always welcome in the motor room. Therefore we have got a sure and beautiful polished balustrade.